The ultimate pros of getting Singaporean citizenship

If you have gotten the PR in your Singapore, to better the benefits that you get from being a permanent resident is to become a citizen. When you are a citizen of Singapore, you will be entitled to have the best benefits when you are in Singapore.

If you think it’s time to become a citizen of Singapore after living for 2 years in Singapore with the PR, you should look into getting the application for Singapore citizenship and to go ahead with the process. These are the great pros that you can get from becoming a citizenship in Singapore:

You can purchase property

One of the greatest benefits that you comes with the Singaporean citizenship is that you are entitled to buy property. Even when you are buying the property, you will be getting benefits when you are a citizen of the country. If you want to get a house in the Housing and Development board, it will require you to be a citizen of the country. These houses are known to provide the finest in terms of residential facilities. If you have the PR, you can only buy HDB housing that is preowned. However, if you want to buy a house that is brand new, it is needed that you have the citizenship.

Healthcare benefits

The healthcare available for the public in Singapore isn’t free. However, there are different schemes that will help the patients in the payment of their hospital bills. When you are a citizen, you are allowed to signup to sign up for Medshield Life insurance and benefit from different other plans available. For your insurance plan, citizens will have to pay 10% less when compared to permanent residents.

Benefits to the parents

If you become a parent after becoming a citizen in Singapore, you will be reaiving great benefits as well. The reasons is due to the high drop of birth rate in the country. Citizens of Singapore are allowed to go for a 16 week maternity leave as well where you are partially paid. You will also receive cash gifts under the Baby Bonus Scheme in the country. If you are working mother or a grandparent, you can also apply for grants that will help you. Be sure to check for eligibility before applying.

When you are a citizen of Singapore, you will have all that it takes to live the optimum life in Singapore due to the great benefits that you will be getting and with the great schemes that are available for citizens of the country.

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