How Utilitarianism Can Help Save The World

Today, there are a number of ways of living in the world. Some of them are good for the world, and some of them are not very good. In other words, there can quite a number of lifestyles that are not sustainable to the world. And as a result of the problems the world is facing, it is best to adapt to a more utilitarian approach.

Utilitarianism can be interpreted in many ways, and has changed in so many ways as well, since the days of John Stuart Mill. However, the main message still remains the same: “Maximise the good among the greatest number of people in society”. What are the main benefits of doing this though? The following should help.

Societal Implications

The societal implications of living a utilitarian life are the fact that the people understand the differences of culture. Moreover, they learn to adapt and take the good of each culture if it does improve their lifestyle.

This was something that John Stuart Mill propagated as well, when he claimed that people should create a ‘self-culture’ if society is to thrive. This results not only in a unique society, but also a more advanced society that is more caring about the surroundings they see. In other words, people would adapt practices that are good to society and the planet as a whole.


Similarly, living a utilitarian lifestyle allows for a more sustainable planet to live in as well. This is because when you follow utilitarian practices, it is natural that ways that would pollute the environment or anything that would destroy the planet is abandoned because of the fact that it would result in doing worse than good to the people.

Of course, perfect utilitarianism cannot be followed, however, we can come close to perfection. One of the ways this can be done is by calculating your environmental footprint through a dedicated environmental footprint calculator. This allows to see if your actions or lifestyle is bad for your surroundings.


Utilitarianism in politics is also something that can be seen, albeit only in a few countries. This means that there is a healthy platform for debate in order to eradicate the social dogmas. Once again this goes in line with the teachings of John Stuart Mill, since it allows for people to become more intellectual as well. In fact, he stated that political debate is important if utilitarianism is to be achieved. Of course, applying this in the real world can be quite difficult, however, there are a few countries, especially in Scandinavia that come close to this notion.


One of the main reasons why utilitarianism can save the world is the fact that it increases the tolerance level of the people in different societies which results in making the world a better place, with no conflict and other problems. A world where everyone is accepted for their differences.

In conclusion, a utilitarian lifestyle would definitely pave the way to more inclusive planet where sustainable living is the norm.

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