6 Housewarming Gifts You Can Get

Whether it is a friend or a family member who has moved to a new house, gifting them something would be a nice gesture. The whole process of moving can be very hectic and stressful, a thoughtful housewarming gift is sure to bring ease and smile to the person who has moved.

Getting a housewarming gift is not always easy, because this has to be something considerate and something the person needs. You should try as much as possible to avoid getting common gifts because this might be something even others might get. When getting a gift try to get something unique and useful.


You can gift a portrait of the new house. This is such a sentimental gift and would be something the person would look at and reminisce in the future if they ever decide to leave. Even if they don’t leave this would still stand as a beautiful memory of their house.

Beautiful tea set

If your friend or family member who has moved is a tea lover, they are sure to get excited and happy to receive a tea set. There are many varieties of tea set out there, like Japanese tea sets. These sets reflect calmness, and comes with a Japanese bowl and teapots which are made of ceramic. They come with placemats and these would make a very pleasing gift.

If you want the tea set to reflect elegance and grandeur and that you think the person receiving would like, Arabic tea sets should be your choice, the glasses from the tea sets have intricate decorations and are tinted, these decorations are usually gold or copper. The teapot will be brass and also is decorated very well and to go with it are the silver trays which also have carvings and figures on their surface.

Decorative items

Everybody loves a house that is arranged beautifully with decorative pieces. To help with this you can get decorative items like a round rugs online, a big vase with flowers that they could place in the living room, crystals, lamps or picture frames and more.

Simple tools

A person who has moved into a new house may have something to hang on the wall, or make some adjustment with their house appliances, but they may not always have the tools to do it. Gifting a small tool kit would be very handy. In the tool kit you can include a hammer, screw driver, measuring tapes, nails, a picture hanging kit and a duct tape.

Religious item

If you are aware of the religious beliefs of your friend or family member you can get a religious item that signifies their belief.

Bath goods

An assortment of bath goods can make for a good housewarming gift. They are also very luxurious and thoughtful. You can include body butter, bath bombs, bath scrubs, soap, lotions, shaving cream. When making this gift box try to think of what kind of smell the person receiving would like.

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